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314 Love Point Rd suite 101

Stevensville, MD 21666

410 604 0355

Special Modified Hours

due to Covid19

  • Tuesday - closed  But available for special preordered Pickups
  • Wednesday 9 to 3
  • Thursday 9 to 3
  • Friday 9 to 3
  • Saturday 9 to 3
  • Sunday and Monday closed

Face Mask or Coverings are not required if vaccinated. Practice social distancing  or at least respect personal space-


Peace of Cake is a family operated gourmet pastry shop specializing in fine desserts and special occasion cakes. We use only the finest ingredients and bake to order ensuring the tastiest product possible. Our special occasion cakes are custom decorated with fun and unique designs.We will make something for you that your guests will be talking about. Our team has many many years of experience in the baking industry and are constantly trying new and fresh ideas. We love a creative challenge!


        Golden Vanilla    


        Chocolate Chip



        Apple Nut    




        Lemon Poppy



        Red Velvet    

        Toasted Almond

        Peanut Butter    

        Chocolate Almond    

        Orange Pecan

        Chocolate Chocolate Chip

Cake Flavors

Filling Flavors


    ❖    Vanilla

    ❖    Chocolate

    ❖    Raspberry

    ❖    Lemon

    ❖    Mocha

    ❖    White Chocolate

    ❖    Almond

    ❖    Coffee

    ❖    Salted Caramel

    ❖    Peanut Butter


    ❖    Dark Chocolate

    ❖    White Chocolate

    ❖    Lemon

Cream Cheese  

Cannoli Cream

Vanilla Custard

Cookies and Cream

Whipped Cream

Size Guidelines:
Final price is determined according to flavor combinations and decoration. Complicated designs including drawings, fondant,
multi—tiered cakes may be priced higher. Serving sizes are suggestions.

Accent Flavors

(Paired with another filling)

Lemon or Lime Curd    

Raspberry or Strawberry Preserves

Chocolate Truffle    

Fresh Berries (seasonal)

Exterior Icings

Vanilla Buttercream

Chocolate Buttercream

Rolled Satin Fondant

Popular Flavor Combinations:

•Vanilla Cake with Fresh Strawberries and Vanilla Buttercream

•Chocolate Chip Cake with Chocolate Truffle and White Chocolate Buttercream

•Lemon Cake with Lemon Curd and Raspberry Buttercream

•Marble Cake with Raspberry Preserves and Chocolate Mousse

Round cakes are 3 layers with 2 layers of filling

6”                 serves 6-8

8”                 serves 12-14

10”               serves 20-28

11”               serves 30-36

12”               serves 40-48

Sheet cakes are 2 layers with 1 layer of filling

1/4 sheet                  serves 20-25

1/2 sheet                  serves 40-50

Special Orders require a minimum of 1 Week notice. 

*Some speciality designs may require more notice due to the complexity of the design* 

Tiered, 2-D and 3-D Cakes are priced individually according 

to design and require 2 weeks notice

The largest  tiered cake available
for pick-up is a 2 tiered cake